Meet the makers

This newborn section features a collection of interviews and talks with independent creators from all over the world: ceramicists, perfume creators, jewelers, watchmakers, blacksmiths, interior designers and many others. Little by little, we hope it will become a source of inspiration for all the folks who wish to take the road of independence.


Carlos Huber, the smell and shape of Time

Interview Carlos Huber, creator of the Arquiste perfume brand
January 2019, Paris/ New York

“All of the Arquiste perfumes deal with the idea of exchange and history, weather if it’s the story about Japan, France, Australia, Spain or Russia… I want people to feel that we are allowed to look at another culture and relate to it. They’re not exclusive to one single people, we all can have a part of it.”

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Aurore Thuault, the art of the hook

Interview with Aurore Thuault, contemporary artist specialized in embroidery.
December 2018, Paris

“Any material can make sense, depending on what you wish to do with it. Generally, what interests me is to create bridges between different techniques and subjects, because the mix of techniques is the source of innovation and it allows us to achieve results that we could not imagine.”

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Jul et Mad Paris, love against all odds

Interview with Mădălina Stoïca-Blanchard, co-founder of JUL ET MAD Paris
September 2018, Paris

“Our perfumes are born out of real stories, lived by real people. Honesty is even stronger then authenticity and it empowers us to share and display our love on the world perfumery scene.”

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Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, the eminent nose

Interview with Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, perfumer and creator of the “Parfum d’Empire” independent perfume brand
June 2018, Paris

“Contrary to what we think, perfume can involve all the senses, not just smell. The sense of smell has constantly been belittled in our Western culture, but it is good to remind that men have perfumed themselves long before they knew how to write and this is not a simple detail.”

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Philippe Di Méo, dreamer and doer

Interview with Philippe Di Méo, designer and co-founder of the “Liquides Imaginaires” perfume brand
May 2018, Paris

“If the perfume has the power to bring an invisible dimension of protection, if the perfume can reconnect ourselves with our original nature that we’ve repressed in time, it’s definitely something that I’d like to explore. The brand Liquides Imaginaires is built with this conceptual and narrative intention.”

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Justin Duance, more than gold

Interview with Justin Duance, independent contemporary jeweller
April 2018, Penzance/ Paris

“The contrast in the way two different materials come together as they do in nature, or the structure underlying natural objects that creates a whole form is what I find beautiful. Using these natural materials also gives an object meaning that is deeper than its form.”

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Satori, the essence of Japan

Interview with Satori Osawa, independent perfumer and creator of the “Parfum Satori” brand
March 2018, Tokyo/ Paris

“My personal asset is freedom: the freedom to create what I imagine and the freedom to be in touch with the people interested in my products.”

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Alessandro Gualtieri, the dissident nose

Interview with Alessandro Gualtieri, independent nose, creator of Nasomatto and Orto Parisi brands.
January 2018, Amsterdam/ Paris

“My decisions are based on my gut feeling. I start creating a smell and everything else builds upon it afterwards. I’m very attracted by all different kinds of materials, their quality and their cultural background, heritage.”

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Fanny Richard, instilling life into clay

Interview with Fanny Richard, independent ceramic artist and creator of Yfna brand.
December 2017, Pantin

“The artisanal object is crafted by the hand, is the fruit of someone’s emotions and mood at a specific moment in time. The way an object touches us is always about ourselves: it reflects who we are and what we are made of.”

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