About Făurar

Nourishing independent thought and action

Făurar comes from the Latin faber, word designating all sorts of creators, from silversmiths and blacksmiths to carpenters, architects, ceramicists and so on. This word also embodies our purpose, which is to create rock-hard brands for those who create businesses by revealing underlying truths and values through the powerful lever of the brand identity.

We aim to foster the independent thinking and initiatives carried by the new generation of entrepreneurs: start-ups and other emerging businesses, small and medium independent companies, artists and artisans.


Strategy: converting business objectives and ambitions into brand strategy pillars under the shape of the brand platform.

Identity: new brand creation and rebranding, including logo design, brand territory and communication supports gathered into the brand guidelines.

Web: website design and programming.

Production: solutions for printing and producing the various brand communication supports.

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